How to Decorate with Giant Forks and Spoons

Mark Robinson

A great way to spruce up your home’s interior appearance is to hang up a few giant forks and spoons. These decorative objects have a folksy, homespun charm that warms up the appearance of a room. Giant forks and spoons fit in well with other home décor, especially in the kitchen or dining room. Most of them come in wood or cast-iron variants, although silver-plated variants are also available.

Step 1

Hang the giant forks and spoons in your kitchen to give the area an intimate and homespun effect. Wooden and cast-iron sets fit in well with other warm-colored kitchen decor. They can be mounted next to other culinary utensils on the wall, but these items are too large and heavy to be mounted on suspended pot racks.

Step 2

Hang the giant forks and spoons in your dining area. While wooden and cast-iron sets work well with country-themed dining rooms, silver-plated sets are better suited for contemporary settings.

Step 3

Build a frame around the giant forks and spoons. Hanging the set within a frame is an alternative to hanging the set by itself. Ensure the frame is slightly larger in height and width than the spoon or folk to be mounted.

Step 4

Refresh your old giant fork and spoon set with a new coat of paint if needed. Use vivid primary colors to give your set a one-of-a-kind, dazzling appearance.