How to Make a Headboard From Pallets

An old wood pallet may not look like it has a life beyond its use in shipping. However, this weathered wood can bring a rustic appeal to a bedroom when you transform it into a headboard. While most store-bought headboards can cost hundreds of dollars, pallets can often be obtained for free from warehouses or stores. Paint the headboard or leave it raw to add country charm.

Step 1

Measure the width of your bed to determine the number of pallets you’ll need. Pallets come in different sizes so depending on that and the bed size, you may need more than one.

Step 2

Measure the width of the pallets. Lay one pallet flat on the ground upside-down and make a pencil mark at the point where you’ll need to cut to shorten it.

Step 3

Make the cut through the wood pallet using a saber saw. Remove the excess pallet section.

Step 4

Turn both the cut pallet and full pallet upside-down and line them up with each other to form the full width of the headboard. Remove a board from the excess pallet section and use it to span the point where the two pallets meet. Drive wood screws through the board to attach the sections.

Step 5

Place the pallet headboard against the wall and push your bed against it to secure.

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