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How to Kill a Skunk Smell Under a House

Jennifer Hench

Living in an area where wildlife tends to come and go close to your house can mean critters sometimes come close enough to your property to cause damage. Skunks tend to crawl under decks, porches and overhangs. If you have a skunk which has sprayed under your house, you will need to work hard at removing the smell so the odor does not linger or come into your home.

Skunk odor can linger under a house until dealt with.

Step 1

Make sure the skunk is not under the house. Use a flashlight to shine a bright light to make sure the skunk has left the area. This step helps protect you from getting sprayed by the skunk.

Step 2

Rinse out a garden or insecticide sprayer with water. Mix one part bleach with nine parts water to form a deodorizing mixture which is safe for hard surfaces only. Test the solution on a small area to make sure the structure does not discolor due to the bleach solution. Use this mixture under the house and on porches, patios and concrete areas.

Step 3

Deodorize and neutralize the skunk odor surrounding the area where the skunk sprayed, including grasses and shrubbery. Use a different garden sprayer and mix together one quart white vinegar, one-half cup baking soda and two teaspoons concentrated liquid dish washing detergent. Mix well and spray over grass, plants and bushes that have absorbed the skunk smell.

Step 4

Place an open plastic container of pure baking soda under the house, deck or porch to further absorb odors. Change the baking soda every three to five days to help with the removal of lingering skunk odors.