How to Make a PVC Lamp

Light, strong, and cheap, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is highly suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Instead of buying expensive manufactured lamps, save money and do a little to save the environment by building your own lamp from PVC pipes. A PVC lamp is quick to assemble and has a cool, futuristic look.

PVC pipe is readily available at home improvement and hardware stores.

Step 1

Thread the light bulb socket's power cord through the 12-inch pipe.

Step 2

Spread glue around the edge and just inside the "bulb" end of the 12-inch pipe. Press the socket firmly into the glue.

Step 3

Allow the glue to dry for at least three hours.

Step 4

Thread the power cord into the up-facing hole of the five-way connector and out one of the other holes. Press the 12-inch pipe into the up-facing hole.

Step 5

Thread the power cord through one of the 3-inch pipes. Press the pipe into the five-way connector where the cord comes out. Attach the coupler to the end of the 3-inch pipe.

Step 6

Insert the remaining three 3-inch-long pipes into the remaining holes of the five-way connector. Cap each of these three to complete the lamp.

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