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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Floor Lacquer

Lane Cummings

Floor lacquer refers to a type of finish that doesn't dry by curing. Instead, as the solvent evaporates it dries. Lacquer dries to a much harder finish than polyurethane-based floor finishes. Lacquer also dries exceedingly fast, which makes it practical if you're applying it yourself. However, like other finishes, it does emit a strong chemical smell as it dries. Luckily, you can diminish this smell if you confront the issue strategically.

It's easy to get rid of the smell of floor lacquer.

Step 1

Open all the windows and doors in your home, including your front door, if possible. Create an environment where the air flow is naturally strong. You can leave screen doors shut if necessary, but air flow will be stronger if you keep them open as well.

Step 2

Place one to two fans in each room on the opposite end of the room from each window, facing the window. This will assist you in flushing the smell out of the house.

Step 3

Scatter cedar blocks on the floor once it is dry. The cedar blocks naturally absorb any smells.

Step 4

Sprinkle baking soda over the floors before you go to sleep, creating a thick, generous layer. Vacuum up the baking soda once you wake up in the morning.

Step 5

Combine one part water and one part white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and mist the air with this mixture to create a natural air freshener.