How to Make Your Dining Room Table Bigger

If you are having people over for dinner and your table is too small, you can make it bigger. While some dining room tables have leaves that allow you to expand them, others do not. Fortunately you can expand your too-small table with specially designed table extensions. These sturdy pads extend over the edges of the table, making the table wider and longer. Some have legs for additional support.

If your dining room table is too small, a pad can make it bigger.

Step 1

Measure your table. Determine how many additional inches you want on each side. Add the extra inches to your table's present dimensions to find out how big your extension should be. For example, if you may want to add 12 inches to a 60-inch-long table and 8 inches to a 48-inch-wide table, you would look for a table extension measuring 72 inches by 56 inches.

Step 2

Look for an extension that is as close to your dimensions as possible. Make sure you select a table extension specifically labeled for that use. These pads are sometimes called expanders.

Step 3

Clear off your table, and unfold the extension on the table. The pad should be centered on the table, with the extra inches hanging evenly off each side.

Step 4

Adjust the pad as needed. If the extension is extra long or wide, connect the extension legs to the ends. Each extension is different. Consult the instructions to see how the legs for your particular extension go on.

Step 5

Gently press on the ends of the extension to test for stability. Use it only if it can take the pressure. if it's sturdy, cover the extension with a tablecloth.


  • It is very important to choose an extension and not a pad that's intended to keep hard use and heat from serving dishes from marring the table finish. Extensions should be 3/4 inches thick, although some may be a half inch thick. Pads thinner than a half inch may not hold weight.

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