How to Reseal an RV Roof

An RV roof refers to the roof of a trailer home or recreational vehicle. It is a flat roof that is sealed with a roof coating. After the rolled roofing is installed, a sealant is applied directly on top to help seal the roof from the outdoor elements. Over time, the seal can begin to wear off and need to be redone. You can easily reseal the roof of your RV with a roof coating that will help protect your roof for the years to come.

Step 1

Position a ladder at the base of the roof and carefully climb up to the roof with a broom and dust pan. Sweep off the entire roof with the broom and dust pan. Brush it thoroughly and remove all visible dirt and debris from the surface.

Step 2

Place a tube of plastic roof cement in a caulk gun. Slide it into place and cut off the tip of the nozzle at a 45 degree angle with a utility knife. Locate all of the small cracks on the roof and run a bead of the plastic roof cement into the cracks.

Step 3

Line up the tip of the caulk gun at the top of each crack and press the trigger to release a bead of roofing cement in the crack. Repeat the process for all of the other cracks that you need to seal.

Step 4

Open up a bucket of roof coating and pour it onto the roof beginning in any corner. Begin spreading out the roof coating with a squeegee. Move the squeegee around and spread out the roof coating.

Step 5

Work from one side to the other and add more coating to the roof, when necessary. Continue spreading it out working along the roof until the entire surface is covered with the roof coating.


  • Always be careful when you are working on a ladder. Make sure it is on steady and stable ground when in use.