How to Find a Serial Number on a Kenmore Washer

The serial number for a Kenmore washing machine can be used to identify the specific machine for the purpose of maintenance or repair.
Kenmore owners who choose to seek professional repair help or parts to service the washer will need the serial number to ensure the parts or service request are appropriate for the exact model they own. Distinguish between the model number and serial number when you find the identifying badges located in several places on the washer.

Step 1

Open the door on the front of the front-loading Kenmore washing machine or lift the lid on the top loader.

Step 2

Look around the rim of the opening to the wash tub and find the silver-colored badge with numbers and letters printed on it.

Step 3

Read the series of characters in either group to identify the model number and serial number. The model number will begin with three numbers; "110" or "417." The second group of numbers will be the serial number.


  • Serial numbers for Kenmore washing machines are used to determine the manufacturer of the machine, the date the unit was produced and the specific number in the series of machines made by a certain manufacturer on a certain date.

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