How to Shape Towels Into Flowers for Your Bathroom

Prepare a bathroom in your home for guests or simply add a decorative touch every day by folding towels into floral shapes. Folding towels is similar to paper-folding or folding napkins into lovely shapes. The main difference is that you have a larger object to work with. If you are folding towels for guests who are staying over, place a small note card on top of the towel once it's folded, welcoming them to your home.

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Hand & Bath Towel

Step 1

Fold the bath towel so that it is square in shape. Each side should be equal.

Step 2

Bring one corner of the towel into the center and press on the fold to make a crease. Bring the remaining three corners of the towel into the center. You'll have a diamond shape.

Step 3

Turn the towel over so that the top is flat and the folded corners are on the bottom. Repeat, folding the corners into the center of the towel.

Step 4

Set a water glass, shampoo bottle or other somewhat heavy object on the center of the towel to hold the folded corners in place. You can use your hand if you don't have an object available.

Step 5

Grab one of the corners underneath the towel and pull it out, as if you were unfolding it. The corner will stick out from the towel and look like a flower petal. Repeat with the remaining three corners.

Step 6

Pick up the folded towel and gently place it on the counter in your bathroom, then remove the object in the middle.

Things You Will Need

  • Bath towel
  • Water glass or shampoo bottle


  • Make much smaller towel flowers using hand and face towels or washcloths.

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