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How to Take Apart & Clean Toasters

Jessica Jones

Removing crumbs and other food particles periodically from your toaster extends the life of the toaster and prevents food from burning. Over time, your toaster may take longer to cook toast and other items or may burn items even when set at a lower temperature. Although you may need to eventually replace the toaster, a thorough cleaning can sometimes do the trick. After spending a little time cleaning, your toaster should operate like normal.

Periodically clean your toaster to remove bread and other food crumbs.

Step 1

Unplug the toaster. Stand over a trash can and open the crumb tray located on the underside of the toaster. Remove crumbs by gently shaking the toaster or use a paper towel to remove stuck-on food particles. Close the crumb tray.

Step 2

Use a flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the access panel. Most access panels are located near the toaster knobs. Remove dust, dried food and other particles from the inside toaster using a dry cloth, butter knife, small paint scraper or small round brush.

Step 3

Remove the top of the toaster if possible to access the heating elements. Use a dry cloth or small round brush to remove dried bread crumbs and other particles. If you cannot remove the top of the toaster, you may be able to reach the heating elements through the access panel or through the toaster slots. Use a small brush to push dried crumbs off the heating elements and out through the access panel. Reattach the access panel when done.

Step 4

Apply all-purpose cleaner to a dry cloth and remove dirt and other debris from toaster knobs, exterior parts and power cord.