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How to Clean a Harman Pellet Stove

Tanya Lee

The interior parts of a Harman Pellet Stove need to be cleaned after you have burned 1 to 2 tons of pellets (depending on the type of pellets you are using). Every time you fuel the stove, scrape the holes in the burn pan to remove carbon deposits. Empty the ash pan after burning 1 ton of pellets, and clean the viewing glass as necessary.

Ashes should be placed in an approved container and stored away from combustibles
  1. Shut off the stove and disconnect the power cord.

  2. Open the burn pot clean-out by loosening the two wing nuts holding the plate under the burn pot in place. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the fly ash that has accumulated. Use the flat end of the scraper tool provided with the stove to scrape the holed surface of the burn pot. Scrape in a downward direction, under the fire, and remove any carbon deposits. You need not remove the scrapings; they will be pushed out when fresh pellets are fed in. Replace the burn pot clean-out cover.

  3. Use the pointed end of the scraper and scrape up and down to remove carbon deposits and ash from the fins of the accordion-style heat exchanger.

  4. Using the flat end of the scraper and scraping from top to bottom, clean the inside of the stove, removing fly ash and carbon deposits. Remove the debris with the vacuum cleaner.

  5. Remove the ash pan. Vacuum the lower part of the firebox.

  6. Take off the combustion blower cover by turning the latch or latches holding it in place to the vertical position, then sliding the cover out of its slot.

  7. Use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean fly ash off the blower wheel. Be careful not to bend the fins of the combustion blower fan while you are cleaning.

  8. Clean the flue using a brush. Reach as far as you can into the flue to access the beginning of the vent pipe, which you can also clean with the brush.

  9. Finish cleaning the interior of the stove with the vacuum. Put the blower cover back on and close the latch or latches.

  10. Replace the ash pan. Close the door and latch it.

  11. Use a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the viewing glass.

  12. Clean the ashes out of the ash pan after burning about one ton of pellets. Open the door by lifting the latch handle. Remove the ash pan and carry it carefully using the ash pan handle. Dispose of ashes in a metal container with a tight lid approved for ash disposal. Store the container away from all combustible materials. Replace the ash pan and close the door of the stove.