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How to Adjust an Atlanta Homesteader Wood Stove

Hollan Johnson

The Atlanta Homesteader wood stove is an older wood stove from the 1970s, although many of them are still in operation today. Like all wood stoves, the Atlanta Homesteader has a damper in the flue that controls the amount of air that gets to the fire. Allowing more air down your flue results in a more efficient burn for your wood. Adjusting the damper as your fire burns is advisable for the best heating.

Step 1

Attach the flue thermometer to the flue with the metal clamp. Place the clamp around the flue with the thermometer in the slot and twist the screw with your fingers to hold the clamp in place. This will allow you to see how hot the flue is and adjust the damper accordingly.

Step 2

Pull on the damper cord, located next to the flue, all the way down to fully open the flue on your Atlanta Homesteader stove. Open the flue all the way when starting or relighting a fire.

Step 3

Watch the flue thermometer. If the thermometer goes above 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, push the flue cord up about half way to close the damper partially in order to avoid wasting heat.