How to Remove Moisture From Thermopane Windows

Thermopane windows are known for their energy efficiency, their good looks and their ease of operation.
Proper maintenance can keep your windows looking great.
But the unique sealed design of Thermopane windows also presents a number of challenges. When moisture levels are high in the home, condensation can form between the sealed panes of those Thermopane windows, leaving them with a foggy appearance and reducing the ability to see outside your home. Taking the necessary steps to reduce moisture levels in your home, particularly around the windows, is the best way to deal with this common problem. .

Step 1

Fill a container with a moisture absorbing chemical like silica gel. You can contact your local college or high school science department for information on where to buy these chemicals. You may also be able to find those chemicals online. Place the container under the window, where it will absorb moisture in the air that would otherwise cause additional condensation problems.

Step 2

Run a dehumidifier when the weather is warm and humid. Reducing the amount of moisture inside your home can reduce the amount of condensation between the panes of your Thermopane windows.

Step 3

Place a space heater close to your window. Heat can reduce the moisture and resulting condensation between the Thermopane window panes.

Step 4

Position an exhaust fan close to the window. Keeping the air moving can reduce the amount of moisture in the air and the amount of condensation between the panes of glass.

Things You Will Need

  • Moisture absorber
  • Dehumidifier
  • Fan
  • Space heater

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