How to Glue a Broken Refrigerator Shelf

Most people don't stop to think about the weight distribution of beverages on refrigerator shelves until it is too late. Stocking up on beverages for a world series party, for instance, may be too much weight on the refrigerator shelf, causing it to crack or break. Depending on where the crack or break is located and how big it is, you may need to replace the shelf. However, small cracks and breaks near the edges of the shelf can be fixed while still maintaining much of the original shelf strength.

Use door shelves for heavy beverage cartons.

Step 1

Remove the shelf and any parts from the refrigerator.

Step 2

Wash the shelf and parts in the sink, removing any residual food stuck on the shelf.

Step 3

Dry the shelf and all parts with a towel. Make sure the shelf parts are very dry to let the glue adhere most effectively.

Step 4

Assemble the pieces on the counter before gluing to make sure you have everything you need and there isn't a gap in the broken area.

Step 5

Line one edge of the broken shelf with the glue -- use a fair amount, but not too much.

Step 6

Line the matching broken piece in place along the glue. Reattach the pieces by holding the pieces in position for a few minutes so the glue begins to dry.

Step 7

Wipe away residual glue before it dries with the towel. Dampen it if you need to. Be careful not to move the alignment while cleaning excess glue.

Step 8

Lay the shelf on a clean, flat surface to dry completely overnight before returning the shelf to the refrigerator.