How to Assemble a Broyhill Baby Crib

Assembling a baby crib is an important step in getting a nursery ready for your baby. However, it can be a challenge, especially if you do not have assembly instructions. Therefore, understanding the basic parts of Broyhill baby cribs and how they operate can assist you in setting up the crib.

Check safety features while assembling your baby crib.

Step 1

Choose the location suitable for the crib. Select an area in the room that is safe and convenient. Also, ensure that it is away from windows, particularly those that have draperies or blinds. They often have strings that can strangle the baby.

Step 2

Lay out the four sides of the crib, including the headboard, footboard and the two fronts, the same way they will appear when assembled. Set aside other necessary parts including the mattress or brackets, screws, bolts, nuts and plastic parts so you can access them whenever necessary.

Step 3

Check whether each of the crib’s sides faces the proper way and that the notches match. You can ensure this by checking whether all unfinished wood faces inwards.

Step 4

Join the four sides of the crib. Install two L-shaped rod brackets into the pilot holes of the headboard and footboard. Screw them into place using eight size C screws.

Step 5

Fix the footboard to the headboard with stabilizer bars. Use eight size B bolts and lock nuts to join them. Ensure the keyhole slot on the end of the stabilizer bar is at the top. Have your helper balance the end of the bars (that have not been attached) until they have been secured.

Step 6

Assemble the spring mattress support. Screw together each of the four spring clips located on each corner of the spring mattress support.

Step 7

Attach the fronts to the main structure of the crib. For the front, Broyhill manufactures baby cribs with drop-gates, a portion that resembles a gateway or a door. Unlike drop-sides that used to have the top portions of the railings that could fold down before their ban in the United States, drop-gates fold to the side allowing access into the crib. Mount the drop-gate to the U-shaped crib. Screw holes on the top and bottom of both sides of the drop-gate to attach it to the crib.

Step 8

Turn over the crib to install four caster wheels at the base of the footboard and headboard. Push the wheels into the pre-drilled holes. Footboard and headboard have pre-drilled slots designed for attaching the caster wheels.

Step 9

Shake or vibrate the crib to confirm that it is firmly assembled. Check whether the railings of the crib can move down once the gate-shoe at the bottom rail is moved to one side. They can move to the left or the right side depending on the Broyhill baby crib model. Confirm that the railing can lock into place. You can ensure this once it snaps when you lift it up.

Step 10

Place mattress onto the spring mattress support. Ensure that it is the same size as the crib to avoid gaps that may trap your baby’s arms, body or legs. Check this by fitting two of your fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib.