How to Fix a Maytag Clothes Dryer That Makes a Clicking Noise

Damarious Page

Maytag makes both electric and gas dryers, but its the units that run on natural gas that are most likely to produce a distinct clicking noise. During the initial set up of your gas dryer the installer probably had to carefully connect various parts and equipment to the machine that regulate the flow of natural gas from your home's gas supply line. If you are hearing a clicking noise on your Maytag gas dryer, it's probably a gas supply component that is causing this sound from a seemingly invisible source, and there may not be a problem to fix.

Zippers and metallic-buttons make a clanking noise against the Maytag dryer's drum.

Step 1

Discontinue use of the Maytag gas dryer if you smell a natural gas odor, or if the machine is damaged. For example, if there was a minor flooding event that seeped into your garage where the dryer is stored, water may have damaged the machine and its gas supply components. Consider immediately evacuating your home. Call your local natural gas utility company from a cell phone while outdoors or at a neighbor's home. The customer service agent at the utility company may give you next-step instructions and possibly schedule for a gas technician to visit your home.

Step 2

Run a normal drying cycle if you feel it's safe to operate the machine. You need to recreate the environment that is making the clicking noise.

Step 3

Turn your ear toward the back of the Maytag dryer while standing in the front and off to the side of the machine. Do not pull or tug at the dryer, especially if it is gas-based, because you could damage the pipes and valves that supply the natural gas to the machine.

Step 4

Listen for the clicking noise as the dryer runs through its cycle. The sound you hear is the gas valve clicking on. This clicking sound will occur several times during the cycle.