How to Use Pliers

Pliers are a handy tool to have around.

Use them correctly for your safety and comfort. .

Choose the right tool for the job. Using your pliers as a hammer may not only damage the tool but could cause you injury.

Use good quality tools and inspect them for defects before using them. Replace worn or defective tools.

Maintain your tools. Oil your pliers and wire cutters with a drop of oil on the hinge. Be sure that the jaws are clean and the teeth are sharp. Worn or greasy jaws are more likely to slip.

Never stick your fingers between the grips and always keep your wrist straight when using pliers.

Protect your tools from extreme heat, which can expand the metal and cause dangerous structural problems.

Things You Will Need

  • Machine Oil
  • Pliers


  • Don't stick a piece of pipe on the handle of your pliers to improve leverage. Use larger pliers instead.


  • The cushioned grips on hand tools are not designed to protect you from an electrical shock. Take appropriate precautions when working with live electrical parts.