How to Fix a Frigidaire Washer That Won't Drain or Spin

Does your Frigidaire washer not drain because it won't spin, or does it not spin because it won't drain? This is the washing machine version of the chicken-or-the-egg question. Regardless of the answer, just know that the drain and spin cycles are closely connected.

Step 1

Add some items to the load currently inside the washer. You typically do not need to add more than one or two small items to tell the washer that it needs to spin.

Step 2

Avoid overloading the washer. When there is too much clothing inside the drum, it may have trouble turning. Because the washer cannot effectively turn the drum, water will not spin out properly.

Step 3

Open the washer door and redistribute the clothing in the drum so that it's better balanced. The drum disperses water when it spins in a steady circular motion.

Step 4

Straighten the drain hose. When the drain hose extending from the rear of the washer is pinched, kinked or twisted, water may be unable to escape the drum during the spin cycle. Also check that the drain hose is not inserted into a drainpipe that is more than 96 inches off the ground. The washer cannot export water with enough force to send it all the way into the drainpipe at this height.

Step 5

Avoid cramming the drain hose into the drainpipe so tightly that there is no room for air to flow. A lack of air prevents the water from freely flowing out of the washer and into the drainpipe.

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