How to Fix a Frozen Outside Faucet That Burst Behind the Bricks

Exterior water faucets that sit on the side of your house may fall victim to freezing temperatures, unless they are a frost-free model that is free of leaks. If the water inside the faucet or water supply line freezes during the winter, the expansion of the water as it freezes may burst the faucet or pipe inside the house. By removing the old faucet and installing a frost-free model, you can still use the faucet in freezing temperatures without it freezing.

A leaking frost-free faucet may still burst in cold weather.

Step 1

Follow the pipe that leads to the faucet outside from inside the house until you find a shutoff valve. Turn the valve’s handle clockwise to cut off the flow of water to the damaged pipe.

Step 2

Remove the screws on the faucet body that anchor it to the exterior of the house. Clamp an adjustable wrench to the back of the faucet assembly and turn it counterclockwise to unthread the faucet and its attached pipe from the water supply pipe inside the house. Have another person clamp a pipe wrench to the water supply pipe section in the house that was not damaged to hold it stationary while you remove the faucet.

Step 3

Measure the diameter of the water supply pipe inside the house so you purchase a matching frost-free faucet. Insert the new water faucet and the attached pipe through the hole on the exterior of the house where the old faucet was installed.

Step 4

Go inside the house and note whether the new faucet’s attached pipe overlaps the supply line inside the house, and measure the amount of any overlap. Remove the faucet and cut off the amount of the overlap with a hacksaw before replacing the faucet.

Step 5

Tighten the compression fitting between the faucet’s pipe and the water supply line using a pipe wrench. Drill pilot holes on the side of the house where the faucet’s anchor holes sit, then push wall anchors into the holes.

Step 6

Drive screws through the open holes in the faucet and into the wall anchors, stopping once the screws hold the faucet securely in place. Turn the water line’s shutoff valve handle counterclockwise until it stops, restoring the flow of water to the faucet.