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How to Keep a Metal Bed Frame From Bending

Jaimie Zinski

The ideal piece of furniture must be aesthetically pleasant while remaining durable and safe for years. Metal bed frames have several advantages over wood, including a lower price and lack of potentially toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, required to seal the wooden components. However, a metal frame will begin to bend and warp after years of repeated jumping, tossing, turning and improper care. Extend the life of your metal frame through proper cleaning and use.

Avoid roughhousing on your metal bed frame.

Step 1

Purchase a frame strong enough to support your mattress. A queen frame should have at least one center metal support beam with five to six wood beams running the frame’s length. Opt for a king model featuring at least two center metal support beams and five wood beams as well.

Step 2

Wipe away any moisture that comes in contact with your metal frame immediately. Metal and moisture result in the rust that can degrade and warp your bed frame.

Step 3

Remove any dirt, dust and debris from the metal bed frame weekly. Lift the mattress and wipe down the frame to remove any lingering moisture, dirt and debris that lead to rust.

Step 4

Replace any damaged or cracked wooden support beams immediately. The wooden beams provide the extra reinforcement to keep the metal frame strong and the sleeper safe.

Step 5

Avoid jumping on the metal frame. The sudden burst of extra weight spells disaster for a metal frame, especially one already damaged, old or poorly constructed.