How to Build a Metal Juliet Balcony

Andrea Walk

A Juliet balcony is an upper-level glazed door or window that has ornate metal or iron grating, or rails, that sits flush against the building exterior. Juliet balconies, which are named after Juliet from William Shakepeare's classic tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet," are not considered true balconies because they do not extend outward with a balustrade. Juliet balconies are made in different sizes and designs. Building and installing a Juliet balcony is a job that is made easier with the assistance of one or two extra helpers.

Step 1

Use a ladder to access the outside of the upper-story door or window where the Juliet balcony will be installed. Measure the distance from one side of the door or window frame to the other. Add approximately 6 inches extra for each side to the total width, as the balcony will be mounted onto the brick or wood on each side of the window or door.

Step 2

Position the balcony grating over the door or window where it will be mounted. Have an assistant on the inside of the home hold the grating or railing in place.

Step 3

Set a level on the top bar of the top railing and position it until the bubble on the level is centered.

Step 4

Drill holes into the facade of the home, using the mounting holes on the balcony grating as guides. For wooden homes, standard wood drill bits can be used. Use masonry drill bits if drilling into brick.

Step 5

Slide the grating in through the window or door, or lower it to the ground.

Step 6

Insert masonry epoxy into the mounting holes and then push the wall anchors, from the balcony mounting kit, into the mounting holes. Tap the anchors firmly into the mounting holes with a hammer.

Step 7

Hold the balcony grating back into position and have the assistant hold it there. Insert the mounting screws through the mounting holes on the balcony brackets, and then tighten them all with a power screwdriver.

Step 8

Mount the bottom platform to the side brackets of the balcony with a socket set if your particular model has a platform. Insert the mounting bolts through the mounting holes on the bottom of the side brackets and into the platform mounting holes. Tighten with the socket set.