How to Make a Log Couch

Jennifer Eblin

Log couches have an appearance that works well in homes decorated in a rustic style. Even if you do not have a log cabin, you can still use furniture made from real logs. When you create the pieces, you use the logs as wood dowels, tapping the pieces together for the frame. Once you learn the basics of making a log couch, it's possible to use the same methods for creating chairs, tables and even bedroom furniture.

Change the dimensions, making the log couch as large as you need.

Step 1

Lay two logs 24 inches long on a flat surface. Measure the wood, marking a spot 6 inches from the bottom of the log and placing a second mark 2 inches down from the top. Make a mark on the backside of the log 6 inches from the bottom. Make the same marks on the 36-inch logs.

Step 2

Turn one of the remaining 24 inch logs upside down. Draw a small circle on the top, approximately 2 inches across. Remove the sides of the log with a wood saw, cutting 2 inches down from the top. Cut the bottom of the wood in the same way, turning the piece into a large dowel. Repeat this process for the other 24-inch log and both of the 75-inch logs.

Step 3

Drill holes into the 36-inch logs, placing the holes on the marks you made in Step 1. Make the hole approximately 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide. Repeat this step with the two 24-inch logs you also marked previously.

Step 4

Pour wood glue inside the holes on one of the 24-inch logs. Insert the 75-inch log into one hole and a 24-inch log into the second hole. Gently tap the end of the logs with a rubber mallet, forcing the wood into the hole. Clamp the wood together and wipe off the excess glue with a damp cloth.

Step 5

Create the frame of the couch by working your way around the edges. The two 75-inch logs make the front and back of the couch, while the 24-inch pieces create the sides. Use wood glue on each hole and press the wood pieces together. Clamp the wood and let it dry overnight.

Step 6

Remove the clamps and turn the couch upside down. Attach a smaller wood plank to the bottom of the couch with 2-inch wood screws. Space the planks evenly across the logs, attaching each one with wood screws. The planks provide support for the cushion used on the couch.