How to Adjust a Beachcomber Pressure Switch

Beachcomber manufactures a line of hot tubs built with a pressure switch to detect proper water flow through the plumbing. The switch is a safety mechanism to prevent the hot tub from overheating if water is not running through the pipes. An adjustment wheel on the pressure switch regulates the sensitivity of the switch by monitoring water pressure measured in pounds per square inch (PPSI). Adjusting the switch takes only a few seconds. No special tools are needed.

Step 1

Shut off the Beachcomber at the control pad on the top edge. Pull down the lever to the "Off" position on the electrical box wired to the Beachcomber to shut off power.

Step 2

Open the service panel on the bottom side of the Beachcomber, turning the handle clockwise to access the pump, heater and pressure switch, which is on the far right, at the bottom.

Step 3

Turn the knob on the top of the pressure switch counterclockwise to lower the pressure at which the switch will activate. This increases the sensitivity of the switch. Each click as the knob is turned indicates an additional adjustment stop of one PPSI.

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