DIY Bunk-Bed Loft Plans

Building a bunk-bed loft is an excellent way to maximize sleeping space and provide kids with a fun place to sleep in the process.
Bunk beds are social sleeping arrangements.Bunk beds are social sleeping arrangements.
Bunk beds are infinitely customizable, and can be built with two twin beds, or a twin and something else. The basic plans will build two twin beds, but this can easily be adjusted with the addition of a third set of posts to support a larger bed. Assembly of a bunk bed requires the help of an assistant and minimal materials and tools.

Step 1

Stack eight 60-inch 2-by-4s into pairs, with one placed on top of the other. Line up the pairs so they are all even and drill eight holes through them, evenly spaced along the boards. Fasten 2 1/2-inch wood screws into each of the holes and tighten them securely to make four posts.

Step 2

Set out two posts parallel to each other on the ground, with about 30 inches between them. Position a 36-inch 2-by-4 horizontally across them, 12 inches from each end of the posts. Adjust the boards so that the ends of these horizontal boards, which are the end support boards, are even with the outside of the posts.

Step 3

Drill four holes through each end support board and into the post below it. Screw 2 1/2-inch wood screws down into each hole snugly to fasten the boards together. Repeat with two additional posts and two additional end support boards to finish the headboard and footboard of the bunk bed, which should be identical.

Step 4

Stand up the headboard and footboard 77 inches apart, with the help of an assistant. Place them parallel to each other, with the end support boards facing inward. Hold up an 83-inch 2-by-4 against the side of the headboard and footboard, on the outside of the posts and even with one of the end support boards.

Step 5

Drill four holes through this long board, which is the side support board, and into the headboard and footboard. Secure the side support board in place with 2 1/2-inch wood screws. Repeat to add two screws through the side support board and into each end support board.

Step 6

Repeat this installation process to add three additional side support boards to the outside of the headboard and footboard, level with the three other ends of the end support boards.

Step 7

Position six 39-inch 2-by-4 boards across each pair of side support boards, with their wide sides facing downward. Drill two holes through each of these boards, which are the mattress support boards, and into the side support boards for a total of 48 holes. Attach the mattress support boards with 2 1/2-inch wood screws.

Things You Will Need

  • 60-inch 2-by-4s, 8
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wood screws, 2 1/2-inch
  • 36-inch 2-by-4s, 4
  • 83-inch 2-by-4s, 4
  • 39-inch 2-by-4s, 12


  • Add additional 83-inch 2-by-4s, if desired, to serve as railings, by installing them 6 inches higher than the upper side support boards.
  • Paint or stain the bunk bed to match the room.

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