How to Drain a Lennox Furnace

Lennox furnaces are residential units that are typically installed in the attic or basement and use natural or propane gas to heat air and send it through the air ducts to warm the house. While this process is generally a smooth one, if the furnace is leaking water, there may be something wrong with the furnace drain. Draining the furnace may help resolve this situation; however, before proceeding, always disconnect power to the furnace.

Step 1

Locate the condensate drain, which is usually on the rear or side of a Lennox furnace.

Step 2

Disconnect the drain from the condensate pan. Hold an empty pan under the drain to catch any water once the drain is disconnected.

Step 3

Run a small metal wire up into the drain to clear out any debris.

Step 4

Empty out the drain pan and reconnect the drain to the condensate drain pan.

Step 5

Tighten the drain connection with a wrench to prevent leakage from a loose drain tube.

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