How to Build a Large Sliding Wood Gate

Nat Fondell

A large sliding wood gate is one way to control access to your home through walkways or driveways. This mechanism and gate design can be used for any size of gate, regardless of whether it spans a driveway or small path. The larger the gate, the more necessary support boards, metal straps and wheels are to its smooth operation. The basic sliding wood gate requires a sliding gate mechanism and basic wood and wood installation materials and tools.

A sliding wood gate provides effective security and convenience.

Step 1

Arrange 1-by-6-by-gate height wood boards parallel to each other on their largest sides, with their long, thin sides touching. Set out enough boards to fit the gated space. Spread out three metal straps, 1 inch wide and as long as the gate's width. Mark the location of two strap attachment screw holes on each of the gate boards.

Step 2

Drill out a hole in each marking, using a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the wood screws. Be careful not to poke through the other side of the boards. Reposition the straps in place across the gate boards. Secure them in place by screwing galvanized 1-inch wood screws through the strap and into each board.

Step 3

Drill three evenly spaced holes in the edge of the gate that will be the bottom. Use a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the wheel's built-in attachment screw. Set three galvanized wheels in the holes and tighten them into place.

Step 4

Position the gate in place so that the wheels rest on the ground and the gate blocks the entry. Hold a sliding gate mechanism open and fully extended, so that half of the mechanism is on the fence and half is on the gate. Mark attachment screw positions every 6 inches on both the fence and the gate. Drill out the marked holes and attach the sliding mechanism to the fence and gate with 1-inch galvanized wood screws. Repeat with another sliding mechanism, spacing the two mechanisms evenly.