How to Make a Removable Awning

A removable awning can keep your home cooler in hot weather and the awning can be stored away in the basement or attic during cold weather when you want to let more light in. The awning can be made economically from a sturdy bedspread -- not a comforter -- and wooden dowels and tent stakes serve as the awning structure. The removable awning is great for over a patio door, providing protection from the sun inside and outside the house while serving as a covered spot for outdoor dining.

You can made a removable awning with a bedspread.

Step 1

Create grommet holes in each corner of the bedspread with the grommet maker, 2 inches from each corner edge. Measure the distance between the grommet holes and screw eye hooks into the house over the window or door to match the position of the grommet holes. Attach the awning to the house by hooking the eyehooks through two grommet holes.

Step 2

Hammer a nail through a wooden dowel 1 inch from the dowel top, widthwise. Repeat, hammering the nail through the top of the remaining dowel.

Step 3

Position the grommets over the tops of the wooden dowels. Push two tent stakes into the ground 4 inches from the bottoms of the dowels.

Step 4

Cut the rope into two equal sections. Tie one end of one piece of rope to one tent stake. Tie the middle of the rope to the top of the dowel over the nail. Tie the end of the rope to the other tent stake. Repeat, attaching the stakes to the remaining dowel.


  • Do not use a bedspread with a double layer of fabric or any padding or quilting.
  • An awning made from a bedspread provides shade but is not rainproof.
  • Bedspread fabric will fade in the sun.

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