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How to Refinish a Cabinet With Crackled Paint

Kelly Sundstrom

Crackled paint makes walls and floors look decorative and rustic. You can achieve the same look in your kitchen by applying crackled paint onto the kitchen cabinets.

Create crackled cabinets using basic hardware supplies.

Step 1

Sand the surface of the cabinet using medium-grit sandpaper. Move the sandpaper in small circular motions to smooth the surface of the cabinet.

Step 2

Vacuum the cabinet and surrounding areas using a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any sawdust and paint debris.

Step 3

Paint the surface of the cabinet using latex paint in any color with a 3-inch flat paintbrush. This will be the undercoat of the crackled paint. Allow the paint to dry for eight to 12 hours.

Step 4

Combine 1 part liquid craft glue, 1 part latex paint and 1 part water in a bowl and stir the mixture well with a paint stick. Select a latex paint that is a different color or a different shade than the first coating of paint.

Step 5

Apply the paint mixture over the already painted cabinet using another 3-inch flat paintbrush. Allow the paint to dry for eight to 12 hours. The paint mixture will crackle as it dries over the latex paint layer.

Step 6

Apply a layer of clear varnish over the crackled cabinet using a third 3-inch flat paintbrush to seal the crackle finish and prevent it from chipping. Allow the varnish to dry for eight to 12 hours.