How to Disassemble a Dryer: LG Tromm DLE59775S

David Clair

The LG Tromm DLE59775S is a 7.3 cubic foot front-loading electric dryer manufactured for residential or industrial use. When repairs or heavy maintenance are performed, the dryer cabinet may need to be disassembled. With the dryer cabinet disassembled, components such as the motor, heating element, and drum can be serviced as needed. The cabinet can be reassembled by reversing the steps of the tear-down procedure.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cord before disassembling the dryer.

Step 2

Remove the three screws on the back of the top cover. Push the top cover toward the back and up to remove it.

Step 3

Remove the two screws in the rear top corners of the control panel. Unplug the electrical connectors from the back of the panel.

Step 4

Pull the control panel up and toward the front of the cabinet to completely remove it.

Step 5

Open the door. Remove the two screws at the bottom of the door frame. Close the door.

Step 6

Remove the four screws holding the front panel to the cabinet and unplug the door switch electrical harness to lift the front panel off.

Step 7

Remove the four screws holding the drum front assembly in place. Lift the drum front assembly off the drum.

Step 8

Move the idler pulley to the left to loosen the belt and remove it from the pulleys.

Step 9

Lift the drum out through the front of the cabinet.

Step 10

Remove the seven screws around the edges of the rear panel and lift the rear panel off.