How to the Replace the Belt on a Troy-Bilt Snow Blower

Greg Lindberg

The snow blower belt, which is connected to the engine and allows you to properly blow snow away from sidewalks, roads and driveways, is an important component of a Troy-Bilt snow blower. The drive belt may need to be replaced if you notice that the blower does not move forward and blow away the snow properly. The belt can be manually replaced without a service technician, and a new belt part can be ordered from the Troy-Bilt manufacturer.

Step 1

Remove the snow blower start key from the ignition to make sure the blower is completely turned off.

Step 2

Remove the three screws on the belt cover on the front left side of the blower using a adjustable wrench.

Step 3

Pull the belt cover off of the blower and set it aside. Remove the nut on the auger puller using a 11/16" socket wrench.

Step 4

Remove the two washers, which are small metal rings, from the auger pulley, then press down on the top of the brake.

Step 5

Pull the auger pulley and old belt off of the blower and discard the old belt.

Step 6

Insert the new drive belt around the auger pulley, then reattach the auger pulley to the blower. Connect the loose end of the belt to the idler, which is a small wheel below the brake.

Step 7

Press down on the brake to secure the auger pulley. Reinsert the two washers and bolt to the auger pulley.

Step 8

Place the belt cover back onto the blower, and reinsert the screws to the cover.