How to Install Gravel Board Fencing

Gravel boards are used to protect the vulnerable bottom edge of a fence from damage. They prevent soil and gravel from pressing against the bottom of the fence. Soil and gravel pressure against the unprotected bottom edge of a fence can push fence panels loose or cause the fence to rot. Gravel boards are typically made of treated lumber or concrete panels. Installation is a straightforward process, regardless of the type of material used.

Gravel boards protect the bottom of your fence.

Step 1

Screw a short wooden batten to the fence posts at the bottom of the fence. The batten should be slightly wider than the gravel board. Screws attach the batten to the fence post more securely than nails do.

Step 2

Place the gravel board along the base of the fence, between the batten and the fence panel.

Step 3

Attach the gravel board to the batten, using galvanized metal clips. Clips allow you to make adjustments to the boards, if necessary, without removing the board. Use screws to attach the gravel board to the batten board. If using concrete gravel boards, pre-drill holes through the board with a masonry bit.

Step 4

Repeat the process on the other side of the gravel board. Continue around the perimeter of the fenced area.


  • If you are installing concrete gravel boards, wear protective goggles when drilling into the boards.