How to Replace an Easy Vent Screen in a Larson Door

Larson screen doors and storm doors feature screen panels that act as vents for the door.
During warmer months, you can use the screen and let breezes cool down your home. In colder months, replace the screen with a glass panel that blocks out the cold air. The easy vent screens quickly pop in and out of place, letting you change the door as the seasons change. Provided you purchase a new screen or glass panel that fits with your model, you can quickly replace the easy vent screen.

Step 1

Stand on the outside of the door and look at the edges of the screen. Larson doors feature plastic edges surrounding the screens. When properly installed, the edges sit flush with the surrounding door, keeping the screen in place.

Step 2

Place your hands flat against the top edge of the screen. Push against the piece, applying enough pressure so that the edge pops out of the door. The screen should lean in toward the house, while the bottom edge stays inside the door.

Step 3

Move to the inside of your home. Grasp the top of the screen with both hands and wiggle the screen back and forth. Pull the screen toward you as you wiggle it. With enough pressure, the screen should pop out of the door.

Step 4

Hold the replacement screen against the door. Set the bottom edge of the replacement screen flat against the bottom opening on the door. Tilt the screen up and lean it flat against the door. The edges of the screen should sit flush with the opening.

Step 5

Push the bottom edge of the screen until it snaps into place. Push against the top edge and the side edges. You'll hear a soft clicking sound or popping sound, which indicates the replacement screen is in place.

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement screen


  • If you replace the screen with a storm panel or glass panel, use the same method. Larson panels simply snap into and out of place.

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