How to Erect a Bradcot Awning

Bradcot is a British company that specializes in awnings and other temporary outdoor structures, including patios.
Bradcot awnings are designed to attach to your camper and provide extra shelter and living space while you’re camping or on vacation. It can take a little time and effort to erect a Bradcot awning, but the process isn't overly complex or challenging. .

Step 1

Slide the awning down through the awning channel on your camper. Make sure the roof is on the outside before you slide it on.

Step 2

Assemble the outer poles and center poles and stand them up to support the awning loosely. Ensure the center pole is passed out and through from the inside.

Step 3

Pull out the center roof support so it's extended, then attach it to the pole support mounted on the side wall of your camper.

Step 4

Join the outer poles to the center pole so they're secure, then extend the horizontal poles around the top and join them to finish the frame.

Step 5

Slide the overhang supports through the channels and attach them at the uprights. Join the overhang supports together by sliding one section into the next.

Step 6

Add the extra roof section and extra upright supports if you need them, then zip the door panels and end panels in and tuck in the ground skirt so it faces inwards.

Step 7

Attach the awning to the ground with the pegs, starting closest to the camper and working toward the corners. Peg the ground skirt into the ground, then tension the poles. Begin with the upright in the center, then the outer uprights and finally the roof poles.

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