How to Soundproof a Room With Dividers

Soundproofing is important in many aspects of life, whether recording music or audio in a studio or simply trying to keep the noise level of a busy office to a minimum so people can get work done. Whatever your reason for installing soundproofing, you can complete the job using high Sound Transmission Class (STC) room dividers in a way that can be modified cheaply and repeatedly as needed.

Dividing walls can soundproof a room relatively cheaply.

Step 1

Sketch out the layout of the room as you wish it to be divided up on a piece of paper. The layout should take into account any necessary arrangement of furniture or equipment.

Step 2

Purchase enough dividers with a STC of 45 or higher. The STC rating of the dividers determines their efficiency at blocking sound. A rating of 50 or more is the most efficient at soundproofing, but effective soundproofing begins at an STC of 45.

Step 3

Lay out the dividers in the positions indicated on your sketch. Place your equipment and furniture around the dividers as indicated on your sketch.

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