How to Air Dry Clothes in a Humid Climate

High humidity can cause two types of problems for drying clothes indoors: It can dramatically increase the time clothes require to air dry and cause the clothes to develop a musty odor. Both problems can be remedied by using techniques that decrease drying times.

Clothes dry more slowly in humid conditions.

Step 1

Shake out your slow-drying clothing items before hanging them. Also, wrap them in a dry towel and press out excess moisture before air drying them.

Step 2

Protect the floor by putting a plastic tarpaulin under your drying rack.

Step 3

Arrange your clothes on a movable rack, spreading out each item as much as possible and leaving at least 2 to 3 inches between items.

Step 4

Move the rack so that it stays in direct sunlight throughout the day if your clothes are made of fabrics that do not fade when exposed to sunlight. Place the rack near a heating vent in winter.

Step 5

Position a fan to blow air on your clothes as they are drying.

Step 6

Use a dehumidifier in the room in which you are drying clothes.

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