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How to Release a Stuck Closure on a Triton TR 60 Fiberglass Sand Filter

Kenneth Crawford

Cleaning the inside of your Triton TR 60 sand filter requires you to remove the closure on top of the unit. When attempting to remove the closure, it might seem to be stuck. Usually, however, rather than being stuck, the closure is still under pressure. Releasing a stuck closure on a Triton TR 60 fiberglass sand filter involves releasing all air pressure from the system. If the closure is still stuck once you relieve the pressure, it is most likely due to some sand granules in the threads. This is often a quick matter of grinding the granules in the thread until the closure will turn.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the Triton TR 60 sand filter at the circuit breaker. Turn the power off to any automatic controls that might inadvertently start the system.

Step 2

Rotate the manual bleed valve counterclockwise with your fingers. The manual bleed valve is on the stem of the pressure gauge on top of the closure.

Step 3

Remove the wing nut from the bottom drain valve, once the air pressure gauge reads zero. Allow the water to drain completely from the filter.

Step 4

Place the plastic wrench that comes with the sand filter over the hex ring of the closure. The wrench is like a spanner wrench and has two handles.

Step 5

Turn the closure counterclockwise while your helper holds the side of the Triton sand filter. If the closure does not move, attempt to turn it clockwise slightly until it moves. Usually when the closure is stuck it is due to sand in the threads. Moving the closure clockwise even a little is enough to loosen the sand granules.

Step 6

Rotate the closure counterclockwise with the wrench until it unthreads from the top of the Triton TR 60 sand filter.