How to Add a Facade to a Ranch-Style House

Ranch-style homes are typically simple, long one-story structures. Popular in the 1960s, they feature a number of siding types, but wood and vinyl siding are the most common. The facade can be updated by the addition of a brick, wood or stone veneer all the way around the house to increase its curb appeal and resale value. This installation can be done to either a prominent section of the home or to the entire exterior.

Ranch homes can be revitalized with a veneer.

Step 1

Remove all siding from the exterior of the home with a pry bar or vinyl siding removal tool. Begin at one end of the siding and carefully pry up a small section to avoid damaging the plywood or framing material underneath. After this first small section has been removed, continue to remove siding carefully until the entire surface has been cleared. Use a vinyl siding removal tool, when removing vinyl siding, to pull away each section. Unscrew the siding starter strip with a drill once it is exposed.

Step 2

Locate all of the studs with a stud finder and mark their locations with a permanent marker. Extend the markings up and down by making a series of dashes to note the position of the entire stud vertically along the wall.

Step 3

Spread a waterproof paper-backed metal lath across the wall and secure it in place by drilling in a 4-inch galvanized wood screw and washer spaced every 6 inches into each marked stud. Use the visible sections of the wall as the guides for the screw installation then use the installed screws, as guides, when installing the final sections of lath. Start the lath on the bottom and work your way up to overlap each seam by 6 inches.

Step 4

Apply a 1/4-inch layer of mortar over the lath with a trowel. Let the mortar dry for 30 minutes then scratch the surface with a metal rake. Make the scratches both vertical and horizontal. Let the mortar dry for 48 hours before continuing.

Step 5

Spread a 1/4-inch layer of mortar onto the back of the stone, wood or brick veneers. Push the veneers against the wall by starting at the top then hold them in place for 30 seconds. Cut the veneers to fit as necessary.

Step 6

Wipe off any excess mortar with a wire brush and apply grout in between the veneers to the desired depth.


  • Do not attach the lath so that the seams fall on the corners of the house as this may weaken the veneer attachment.

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