How to Install a Liberty Backup Sump Pump SJ10

The Liberty SumpJet SJ10 water-powered backup sump pump system is a secondary device used for eliminating excessive water on an emergency basis. It uses the municipal water supply system to remove water from the sump well and is not intended to replace the main sump pump. The Liberty SJ10 uses a convenient "push-in" pipe fitting. To install, connect a municipal water supply pipe branch to the SJ10 inlet valve and attach a PVC pipe to the pump's outlet valve.

Step 1

Disconnect the existing sump pump from the electrical power supply, to prevent electric shock.

Step 2

Lower the SJ10 into the sump pump well. The bottom of the gray housing should rise about 12 inches above the normal water level in the sump well. Use the hose clamps, included in the Liberty SJ10 installation package, and clamp the SJ10 to the existing sump pump discharge pipe in the well.

Step 3

Locate the municipal water supply line turn-off valve, usually located near the water meter at the entrance of the water supply pipe into the building. Turn the valve so that the handle is perpendicular, and not parallel, to the water supply pipe.

Step 4

Plumb a run of piping with a new, attached shut-off valve from the municipal water supply line to the Liberty SJ10. You may need to hire a plumber or cut and solder or connect a new branch of piping to your municipal supply water line yourself. Check with your local building codes department to determine if any regulations prohibit or regulate the job. Some municipalities may require that plumb work to the main water line be installed only by a licensed professional, while other regulations may require a building permit and subsequent inspection of the work before the pump is activated.

Step 5

Ensure that the end of the new line's pipe is a clean cut and free from debris, solder and burrs. Use a deburring tool to remove burrs by inserting the end of the tool into the pipe and rotating the metal blade in a circular manner. The blade removes and flattens the burrs on the end of the pipe. Wipe the end of the pipe clean with a rag.

Step 6

Insert the new branch from the municipal water supply pipe into the Liberty SJ10 inlet valve's push-in fitting. If your new supply pipe is PEX piping, insert the pipe directly into the pump's valve in a smooth, straight motion. If the supply pipe is CPVC or copper piping, use needle-nose pliers to remove a small plastic collar from the fitting inside the pump's inlet valve. Insert and press the pipe into the fitting using a smooth, straight motion.

Step 7

Measure and cut sections of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe from the SJ10's outlet valve to the sump pump discharge system. Connect the PVC sections together with PVC cement, following the manufacturer's directions carefully.

Step 8

Turn on the municipal water supply at the water supply entrance by turning the valve parallel to the entrance pipe.

Step 9

Turn on the water supply at the new supply branch shut-off valve.

Step 10

Plug in the main sump pump and the Liberty SJ10 pump into the electrical power supply.

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