How to Sanitize a GE Water Filter

Mary Ylisela

A water filtration system helps reduce the presence of minerals, sediment and unpleasant taste in your water. GE makes a variety of water filtration systems, and while maintenance on any type of water filter is important to keep it at peak performance, periodic sanitizing is important if you own the GE osmosis water filter system. Sanitizing your water filter ensures that your system is clean, functioning properly and producing water that's safe to drink.

A sanitized water filter provides you with water safe for drinking.

Step 1

Turn off your water filter's water supply system. If your system is attached to an ice maker, turn the ice maker off as well.

Step 2

Turn on the water faucet and leave the water running for three or four minutes, or until the tank is completely drained. Once the tank is empty, turn off the faucet.

Step 3

Rotate the reverse osmosis filter one-third of a turn to the left to remove it. Repeat the same procedure for the prefilter and postfilter.

Step 4

Bleach kills germs and bacteria, effectively sanitizing your filter.

Fill one of the three canisters labeled as a "Sanitization Canister" with water until the water is 1 inch below the top. Add 1 ounce of household bleach to the canister.

Step 5

Place the sanitizing canister in the position reserved for the prefilter canister. Rotate the sanitizing canister to the right one-third of a turn until it snaps into place and the alignment marks meet up.

Step 6

Install the other two canisters marked for sanitization into position where the reverse osmosis and postfilter canisters go. Lock them into position by turning them one-third of a turn toward the right.

Step 7

Turn on your water supply. Run water from the faucet until it begins to flow. Turn the water faucet off and wait 10 minutes for the water filter system to fill.

Step 8

Run the water faucet for 20 minutes to remove the smell of bleach.

Step 9

Turn off the water supply to the filter system again. Run the faucet for 10 to 20 seconds to drain the water filter system.

Step 10

Rotate each individual sanitization canister one-third of a turn to the left. Remove them from the filter system. Set them on a clean kitchen towel in an upside-down position to air dry. Store them until the next use.

Step 11

Remove the foil cover from the top of your replacement cartridges for the prefilter and postfilter. Lock each canister into position in the reverse osmosis, prefilter and postfilter positions by rotating them one-third of a turn to the right. Make sure the alignment marks match up.

Step 12

Turn on the water supply, and wait four hours for the system to fill up.