The Installation of Rainbow Play Systems

Rebecca Gilbert

Rainbow play systems provide your kids with hours of exercise and outdoor fun. With a playground set up in the backyard, you'll be able to watch your kids in the safety of your own home. With so many choices of Rainbow play system accessories and add-ons, you may want to have professional installers do the assembly for you. If you prefer to make this a weekend project, make sure you have the directions for all the options you chose. Once the play system is complete, your kids will leave boredom in the dust.

Step 1

Prepare the area where you plan to assemble the play system. While the Rainbow play systems have sections to help stabilize the playground on an uneven area, it's best to try to get the area as level as possible before construction. Call a professional if this area is significantly uneven or requires heavy machinery for leveling.

Step 2

Read the instruction manual for the specific Rainbow play system you ordered. There are a variety of options for either the clubhouse or castle play sets with a multitude of extra additions available from Rainbow, so each manual explains exactly how to assemble each specific set.

Step 3

Lay out and label the parts to the Rainbow play system. This also helps if you have to disassemble the play center later. Make sure you have all the parts and tools listed in the manual. Call Rainbow for replacement parts if anything is missing.

Step 4

Following each step for your specific Rainbow play system, use the tools indicated in the manual to secure each piece together. Make sure you don't have extra bolts or screws left over or it's not assembled correctly. Rainbow utilizes a triple-bracket system, and notched-beam construction for safety and stability.

Step 5

Cover the ground under and around the play area with pea gravel, playground-engineered wood chips or rubber mulch, which is found at a home maintenance store. Test the sturdiness of your Rainbow play system by shaking it and then playing on it.