How to Monitor your home over the internet

Setting up a system to monitor your home over the internet is as easy as setting up a webcam. The technology is similar, but with a remote home surveillance system you'll be able to monitor different aspects of your home security from anywhere that has internet access.

  1. Shop for a system. Lots of different companies offer many different packages for different budgets. Browse around the internet for internet surveillance systems and find one that suits your needs.

  2. Get what you need. Packages will vary, but the basic steps will be the same for each. When you buy a kit, it should include at least one camera, software and a system controller.

  3. Register with your company. A good company will provide a website for you that gives you access to your system. Sign on to their website and look for the service that is related to your product. Chances are you already registered when you bought the kit.

  4. Install the software. Use the CD that came with your kit to install the software onto your PC. Make sure the PC can handle the hardware and has access to the internet.

  5. Connect the system controller. This is the brains of the operation. Find an open electrical outlet for it and then hook it up to your computer. There may be an extra drivers CD that you'll have to use to set it up for your computer.

  6. Connect your cameras. Position your cameras so they are in range of the controller (or router, if you are going wireless) and have access to outlets. Make sure they have a good, unobstructed view. Connect the plugs to the controller and then run the Detect Cameras wizard with your system controller software.

  7. Set up your internet feed. Refer to your systems instructions to find out how to get your feed on the internet. There is usually a setup wizard for this, or you can find quick setup instructions at the website where you registered your product.

  8. View your home security system. Log on to where your video feed is hosted from your web browser to make sure everything works fine.


  • Be sure to read plenty of reviews before buying-not all systems are top of the line.