How to Build a DVD Cabinet

Is your DVD collection growing every time you go to the mall? This is a problem for many people, but one great solution is to build a DVD cabinet. You can use your DVD cabinet to store all of your DVDs and the best part about it is that you'll save over half of the money you would have spent by building it yourself.

  1. Determine how many shelves you want your DVD cabinet to be and how many DVDs each shelve will hold.

  2. Determine the dimensions of your DVD cabinet based of the number of DVDs it will hold. For height, figure 10 inches to one foot per shelf for depth figure about eight inches. Your width will be determined by how many DVDs you want each shelf to hold.

  3. Purchase wood at a lumberyard.

  4. Purchase other supplies like paint or stain and nails or screws.

  5. Measure and cut each piece of wood so that you have a top, bottom, two sides and back. The top and bottom pieces will be 8 inches by the width, the back will be the width by the height, and the sides will be the height by 8 inches.

  6. Create shelves by cutting out a piece of wood 8 inches (minus the ply of the wood) by the width of the DVD case.

  7. Attach shelves to the back cabinet with nails or screws.

  8. Attach sides, top and bottom.

  9. Paint or stain the wood to match your personal preferences.

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