How to Clean a Fountain Pump

Regular care is essential to keep your fountain pump running smoothly at its full potential.

Clean a Fountain PumpClean a Fountain Pump
Over time, debris such as pet dander, dust, pollen, grass and leaves can accumulate inside and outside the pump, impeding the flow of water. Debris can even get tangled around the impeller, preventing it from spinning. Taking care of a fountain pump is an easy job that requires only a few tools you likely already have around the house. Read on to learn how to clean a fountain pump.

Read the care instructions that came with your fountain or fountain pump, if available. The procedure for taking the pump apart to clean it may vary by model.

Unplug the fountain pump and take it out of the water.

Pull off any algae or pet hair that may have wrapped itself around the pump body.

Wipe the outside of the pump with a soft cloth.

Remove the pump cover by sliding it off the pump. Screwdrivers and other tools are generally not required.

Pull out the impeller, which is usually held inside magnetically.

Place the impeller in a dish of lime scale removal product if there are mineral deposits crusted around the magnet. Allow it to soak for about 20 minutes.

Use an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the fountain pump as necessary.

Replace the impeller and the cover. Place the pump back in the water and plug it in. The fountain should now run smoothly at its full capacity.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft Cloth
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Lime Scale Removable Product


  • Consult your fountain or fountain pump manual before using a lime scale removal product or any other cleaner or chemical. If your fountain didn't come with a manual or doesn't have care instructions, call the manufacturer.
  • You can keep debris from accumulating on your fountain pump with this easy trick. Cut a length of sheer pantyhose and slip the pump inside. Tie the ends off tightly with rubber bands.
  • Prevent the growth of algae in your fountain with an algaecide water treatment. A buildup of algae can clog the pump and harm the fountain itself. Use only products made specifically for use in fountains.


  • Never let your pump run dry, which can cause the motor to burn out. Keep the pump body completely submerged in water while it's running.