How to Fix a Sticky Sliding Glass Door

Mud, food, and hair that build up in the tracks of a sliding glass door can block it from sliding easily. A sticky sliding glass door can cause more than just frustration - it can cause muscle strain and back problems. Follow these steps to fix a sticky sliding glass door.

  1. Find some old rags or some paper towels. Old rags may work best because they are sturdier.

  2. Find an all-purpose household cleaner that is known for cutting grease.

  3. Read the directions and warnings on the household cleaner to make sure it is compatible with your sliding glass door.

  4. Use rubber gloves if your skin is sensitive.

  5. Spray the cleaning product into the tracks of the sliding glass door and wipe out the gunk with your rag or paper towel.

  6. Drop some all-purpose lubricating oil on the tracks at the bottom of the door and wipe them with a paper towel. Drip some of the oil on a paper towel and wipe the tracks at the top of the door also. You also can use paraffin wax or an old candle in place of oil.

  7. Open and close the sliding glass door to work in the oil or wax.

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