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How to Retrofit a Glass Pivot Shower Door With Magnets to Keep It Closed

Kaye Wagner

Pivot shower doors open and close on an axis, and do not have hinges. This creates a sleeker look that fits with modern or contemporary bathroom décor. These doors often have latches to keep the shower door closed. If your door keeps swinging open, or if you do not like the look of the latch, use a magnet as your door's closing mechanism. Purchase high quality bathroom magnets from home improvement or hardware stores, and look for ones that are ultra thin. Purchase industrial-strength epoxy glue that will stick to glass or metal.

Use magnets to ensure your pivot shower door does not swing open.
  1. Clean the door and doorjamb with shower cleaner and paper towels to remove hard water and soap scum residue. This will make it easier to attach the magnets.

  2. Wipe the door and doorjamb with rubbing alcohol to ensure that the area is dust free.

  3. Check the shower doorjamb to see if a magnet will attach to it. If it does, you will only need to attach one magnet to the door. If it does not, you will have to glue one magnet to the door, and another to the doorjamb.

  4. Scratch the surface of the magnet with the end of a nail. This will make the surface more porous and will increase the strength of the bond.

  5. Spread a thin layer of industrial-strength epoxy glue on the scratched side of the magnet.

  6. Press the magnet into the doorjamb, and hold it in place for several moments until a bond takes hold.

  7. Tighten a C-clamp over the magnet. This pressure will help increase the strength of the bond. Keep the magnet clamped for at least 24 hours.

  8. If the doorjamb is not magnetic, measure the magnet's placement on the door. Measure and mark that same placement on the doorjamb. This will ensure that the magnets line up when the door is closed.

  9. Scratch the side of the magnet that attracts the magnet that is already glued to the door. If it repels the magnet, flips it over and use the other side. Glue the magnet and clamp it as instructed above.

  10. Remove the clamps after both magnets have been sitting for 24 hours. Close the glass pivot shower door.