How to Move Heavy Furniture

Getting any kind of furniture from point A to point B involves work, but carting the heavy stuff around requires skill and patience. Although there are many ways of dealing with this challenge, some general tips apply to most kinds of heavy furniture, or the most common kinds, such as hardwood pieces that are of large size and built with heavy lumber.

  1. Assess the furniture size and the size of the entrance or exit areas. Knowing where you will need to turn a piece before you start can save a lot of work.

  2. Decide how the furniture will be angled at various points, not only to get it around corners or over bannisters, but to prevent drawers or cupboards from flying open in your face.

  3. For any kind of furniture with a flat surface, a carpeted dolly or furniture glides can be essential in sliding the furniture as opposed to lifting it.

  4. Have enough hands. A really big piece can use a hand on each corner rather than one person on each end. Spotters can help angle the piece or provide a much-needed nudge in the right direction.

  5. If the piece is being loaded onto a truck, hope for a hydraulic lift, but in the absence of one, a piece with a flat side can be slid up onto a truck using a blanket and/or glides.

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