How to Use A Blow Bag

A blow bag, a rubber bladder that screws into a garden hose, is a tool used for unclogging drains. It is pushed into a drainpipe, and as the bag fills with water, it expands and becomes wedged in the pipe. The water comes out small holes in the end with a pulsating action and dislodges the clog.

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  1. Attach the bag to a water hose by screwing it on.

  2. Push the blow bag into the drainpipe to about 6 inches or until it reaches the obstruction.

  3. Turn the water on to fill the bag. As pressure builds, water is forced out the small holes in the end. This powerful stream of water will break up the clog and send it on down the line.

  4. Stop the water flow if the clog does not dislodge. The buzzing sound the bag makes will stop when the clog is cleared.


  • Weak connections can break on plastic pipe drain systems.

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