How to Repair a Mobile Home Roof

Roofs on mobile homes are generally made from a coated metal with an asphalt sealant around the pipes. When repairs to the roof are necessary, it does not have to be a complicated or expensive job. Fix the roof whenever you see cracks, weak spots or leaking. Here's how.

  1. Set up a ladder near the roof so you can climb up and see what cracks need to be repaired. Start at one side of the roof and work your way across, checking for damage as you go.

  2. Fill the cracks or holes. For small cracks, those less than 1/4-inch wide, fill the crack with the patching cement. If the crack is larger than 1/4 inch, insert glass fiber or melted plastic into the crack and smooth the cement across the crack. If there are open spaces around any pipes, fill the gap with the glass fiber or melted plastic. Try melting a plastic spatula to fill and smooth out the holes.

  3. Spread at least two coats of cement sealer over the cracks in a clockwise direction. Let the sealer set for at least 12 hours. Check that it is completely dry before you continue.

  4. Apply the roof coating. Use paintbrushes and paint rollers to cover the cement patches. Coat the whole roof to lessen the chance of future leaks or cracks. A regular elastomeric roof coating will last 10 years. A silver roof coating will last 5 years.

  5. Paint the roof in the patched places if it was already painted. Check that the coating is dry before you begin to paint.


  • Do not use the pipes or the side of the house to climb up onto the roof. Use a ladder.
  • Walk on the roof's beams and not in between them.
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