How to Fix a Dryer Vent

The vent through which exhaust from the dryer travels is critical in keeping the machine and surrounding area free of heat and moisture. The health of the dryer vent is directly related to the stress that is placed on the dryer and, if damaged, can actually lessen the lifespan of the dryer. Learn how to fix a damaged dryer vent in just a few steps.

  1. Identify the problem with the dryer vent. Often a loose clamp can lead to a dryer vent that has merely fallen off the dryer connection. Simply reattaching the hose to the vent or dryer will solve this common issue.

  2. Slide the dryer unit away from the wall. Pull the unit far enough away from the wall to allow access to the entire rear of the dryer.

  3. Remove any existing C-clamp that holds the tubing to the dryer exhaust port and pull away the tubing. Vinyl tubing is now considered unsafe for home building codes. Discard the old tubing.

  4. Purchase a dryer vent tubing kit from any hardware or home improvement store, such as Lowe's or Home Depot. A store associate can help you find the correct tubing for the project.

  5. Attach the new vent tubing to the rear exhaust port of the dryer where the flexible vinyl tubing was removed. Clamp the new tubing in place.

  6. Seal any joints where the tubing comes together with foil tape and ensure all seams do not leak.

  7. Return the dryer to its original position and turn on. Inspect the new tubing and ensure a good connection exists between the dryer exhaust port and the wall vent.


  • Never use screws or nails to join tubing lengths. This may cause lint or debris to catch on the sharp points and cause a fire hazard.

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