How to Fix Cracks in a Wooden Table Top

Sometimes boards that make up a tabletop separate because of shrinkage. When this happens cracks develop as the boards draw apart. If the cracks are not too wide, they can be fixed rather simply. If the cracks are very wide, it will be necessary to make a spline to fill the area. Here's some instructions for repairing a simple crack in a wooden tabletop.

  1. Clean the crack thoroughly using a thin blade to remove any build up of grime or dirt that may have accumulated.

  2. Force wood glue into the crack using a syringe-type glue injector.

  3. Attach clamps perpendicular to the break on both sides of the table and tighten the clamps until the crack in the tabletop is drawn closed.

  4. Allow the glue to dry completely before removing the clamps.

  5. Remove any excess glue that may have seeped onto the tabletop through the newly closed wood seam with glue remover. Be very careful not to allow any glue remover to get into the newly repaired area of the table.


  • Serious damage can occur to your wooden tabletop if it's exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure to position tables to avoid the hot drying rays of the sun.